5 Common Signs That Your Walk In Cooler Needs Repair Or Maintenance

    If you run a food service business that has a walk in cooler or walk in freezer, commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance is one of the most important things you must address in order to keep operations up and running smoothly.

    Having a walk in cooler or walk in freezer that is not running correctly or inefficiently can cost your business a fortune.

    If you don’t already have a maintenance plan in place for your walk in cooler with a refrigeration company, here are 5 signs to watch out for that definitely require your attention:

    1. Door Wear & Damage

    Check out the doors to your walk in cooler for seal wear & damage. This damage can really hurt your pockets as air can leak out and require your cooler or freezer to constantly run to maintain temperature.

    2. Frost Build Up

    If you start noticing frost or ice building up in places where they shouldn’t in your walk in cooler, this is a sign that it’s not cooling correctly and needs to be checked by a commercial refrigeration specialist immediately.

    3. Water Leakage

    Noticing any wet floors in or around your walk in cooler? This could be from an old/damaged seal or poor walk in cooler installation. Either way this is something that can’t be left untreated as it could lead to mold & mildew build up — something that’s not going to make your health inspector very happy.

    4. Odd Odors

    When the coolant that keeps your cooler chilled leaks you may notice a strange smell in and around your walk in cooler. Leaks like this are usually found if your cooler or freezer is old/outdated so it may be time to assess an upgrade to make sure you stay up and running.

    5. Inconsistent Temperatures

    If you’re noticing that your walk in cooler or freezer has a hard time maintaining a consistent temperature this may be a sign of bigger problems so it’s vital that you have someone check on your system. Many walk in coolers/freezers have sensors that alert you if the temperature rises to a certain level, so be sure to keep an eye on this closely.

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    The old adage is true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Below you’ll find our Preventative Maintenance Checklist, which is our proven method to keep your system in the pink and your home in constant comfort.

    For a system that heats and cools: perform maintenance in the spring and fall

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