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    We are here for you 24/7

    Mountaineer Mechanical assists both residential and commercial clients with minor and emergency plumbing repairs.

    Our plumbing repair service is available to the Mid-Ohio Valley area, and we also offer 24/7 emergency repairs for when you have a plumbing issue after normal business hours. Our plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and education needed to efficiently assess your plumbing issues and recommend a solution.

    With our free estimates, you never agree to any work without knowing the approximate cost. Since we charge by the job and not the hour, you don’t have to worry about one of our plumbers taking additional time on a job just to increase the price. Plumbing problem? Call (800) 905-4172.

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    Commercial HVAC Service

    We are Mountaineer Mechanical have a with a full range of commercial HVAC services. Our expert technicians can help you take control of your building’s comfort and energy use.

    From restaurants to health care centers, we design and install HVAC systems for optimum comfort and energy savings. We work with businesses large and small, both local and nationally owned to deliver integrated solutions. The process begins by identifying the business needs of our clients and ends with a customized solution.

    The benefits of our HVAC system include:

    Lower operating costs
    Reduced maintenance
    Greater reliability
    Better indoor air quality
    Lower cost of ownership
    Simple design and installation process
    Did you know that HVAC systems account for about 50% of commercial energy use? Engineering and installing a project for optimum energy performance can result in significant energy savings.

    We are well versed on utility incentive and load-shedding programs, allowing commercial clients to lower energy costs and peak-time usage. Our experience and ongoing training allows you to have the most efficient and cost-saving HVAC system available. We design and install a variety of HVAC system for a wide variety of applications, from new construction to upgrades.

    Visit Don Wood Motors in Athens and see for your self.

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    Now 0% APR for 60 Months

    When it comes to its heating and air conditioning units, Trane says it’s always in search of more go. In factory tests, it pushes its units to the limits to build greater resistance to low temperatures and high rainfall because it believes the more its units can go, the more its customers can go.

    Let us solve your heating and cooling problems, plus plumbing and all of your refrigeration needs. The corner of Murdock (Highway14) and Emerson is the place! Call us at 304.917.DROP.

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