The type of heating system in place will determine the steps needed to optimize your equipment. Although a heat pump is inspected in the spring for cooling performance, an additional tuneup is recommended during the winter months for heating functions. We also service furnaces, boilers, and other heating equipment. Your fall preventive maintenance checkup will include:

Heat Exchanger
Flue Pipes
Heat Strips
Fan Control
Shaft Bearing
Limit Control
Furnace Wiring
Blower Motor
Draft Diverter
Heat Anticipator

Safety Features

Because many residential fires during winter are caused by faulty heating equipment, a fall inspection is an important investment in your family’s safety and well-being.

In addition, we offer a variety of other HVAC services for your indoor comfort needs.

Complete installation of heating and air conditioning systems including ductwork

Replacement of heating and air conditioning equipment
Duct cleaning
Ultra violet air purifiers
Indoor air quality solutions
Factory warranty repairs
Filter changing programs
Maintenance agreements on multi-family residences

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