Fall is here, and temperatures are dropping fast! But before you flip the switch on your heating system to take the edge off that chill, be sure your system is ready to roll with this fall heating checklist. Now, you may ask, why bother? Our specialists have a few reasons:

Your system may be inoperable. Odds are, it’s been months since your furnace, heat pump or boiler has been active. In that time, something very well could have gone wrong. Finding out before winter sets in and you need a heating system to stay comfortable is best.

Proper care boosts efficiency. Ensuring all systems are up to par has a major impact on the efficiency of your system, both in energy use and how well it heats. To get the most out of your system this season, a checkup is mandatory.

Reduced stress. If you leave repairs and maintenance to the last minute, you’re going to feel the pressure. maybe not now, while we’re in a crisp 70s pattern, but a month from now, you may feel differently.

So, to avoid catastrophe and to ensure you get the most from your heating system, be sure to perform this check on your furnace! We’re at 2504 Murdoch Ave in Parkersburg, West Virginia. (800) 905-4172.