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Don't Wait Until The Dead of Winter!!! 

Depend on a powerful Generac automatic standby generator from Mountaineer Mechanical for your home's emergency power needs, and a portable generator for outdoor activities. Maintaining access to your home’s heating, cooling, refrigeration, and lighting requires that you think ahead about having a natural gas or propane gas standby generator ready when you need power in an emergency. 800.905.4172.

What is HVAC?

Can we still buy a Trane HVAC unit for 0% interest for 60 months?

The three central functions of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning are interrelated, especially with the need to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality within reasonable installation, operation, and maintenance costs. HVAC systems can provide ventilation, reduce air infiltration, and maintain pressure relationships between spaces. The means of air delivery and removal from spaces is known as room air distribution.

Yes you can is the answer to question #2.  Call us today.

Contact us today to get started and setup an appointment!   You can call us around the clock at 800.905.4172.

 Mountaineer Mechanical
 We are the friendly and professional company you can count on for all your commercial and residential mechanical needs. 

We were founded on the principles of Faith, Integrity, and Work Ethic

You will find us everywhere in the Mid Ohio Valley !!!

Employing around 35 full time employees we at Mountaineer Mechanical offer a Drug Free Workplace providing quality work in a timely manner. One of our missions is to give our employees the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential through training, continuous education and mentoring as they contribute to the success of our family business. If you feel you can meet our standards --- we would love to have you join our work force. 800.905.4172

We are Mountaineer Mechanical and you can call us round the clock at 800.905.4172.

  • 16594 Canaanville Road, Suite 100
  • Athens, Ohio 45701

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Mountaineer Mechanical is licensed in the state of Ohio and the state of West Virginia #038315. 

We take much pride in providing friendly service 24/7 and quality work so that when you have a problem it becomes our problem whether at work or home.

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16594 suite 100 Canaanville Rd
Athens, OH 45701

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Little Hocking, OH

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