Electric Furnace Repair
in Parkersburg, WV and Athens, OH

Rely on Mountaineer Mechanical
to Repair Electric Furnace Units

For electric furnace repair in Parkersburg, WV, Athens, OH, and the surrounding areas, rely on Mountaineer Mechanical. Electric furnaces are great for homes and businesses to keep them warm without the added maintenance, but like all HVAC equipment, they do need occasional repairs. While these furnaces do have a long lifespan, there is always the chance for sensor issues, blower problems, or other potential repairs.

If your electric furnace needs repair in Parkersburg, WV; Athens, OH; Mineral Wells, WV; or the surrounding areas, call us toll-free at (800) 905-4172. We offer free estimates on repair and new electric furnace installation.

Signs that Your Electric Furnace
Needs Repair or Maintenance

When it comes to furnace repair, you may not always notice when something is going wrong. Not all problems will turn the heat off or make noticeable noises or changes in use. A few signs that your furnace needs repair or maintenance include:

No heat or warm spots
Loud noises
Not turning on or off or frequent cycles
Unusually high electric bill
Poor air flow

If you do believe that something is wrong with your electric furnace, call on the skilled staff at Mountaineer Mechanical. We can quickly analyze and diagnose the problem and provide the proper repairs. We can also provide regular maintenance to keep those costly repairs from occurring. Ask about our ten-year parts and labor warranty.

Contact Us for Furnace Repair
in Parkersburg, WV and Athens, OH

Since 2002, residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley have counted on Mountaineer Mechanical for their electrical furnace repair. No one should have to go without heat for any amount of time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services for the Mid-Ohio Valley. We can handle anything from thermostat issues to complete furnace replacement.

Contact our friendly team, serving Parkersburg, WV, Athens, OH, and surrounding areas, for electric furnace repair.

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