Electric Furnace Installation in
Parkersburg, WV, and Athens, OH

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to Install Electric Furnaces

Mountaineer Mechanical offers electric furnace installation in Parkersburg, WV, and Athens, OH. Serving the Mid-Ohio Valley for almost two decades, our heating technicians have years of experience in electric furnace installation. Our talented team serves residential and commercial clients. 

Are you considering upgrading your furnace, or does your existing electric furnace need replacing? Call us today toll-free at (800) 905-4172 for a free estimate on installation. We proudly serve Vienna, WV; Marietta, OH; Belpre, OH; and the surrounding areas. We also offer electric furnace repairs.

Benefits of an Electric Furnace
for Your Home or Business

If you are not sure if an electric furnace is right for your home or business, the team at Mountaineer Mechanical can help. There are many benefits to electric furnaces, including:

Low maintenance. Electric furnaces still need maintenance, but not as often as fuel-burning heat sources.


Affordability. Electric furnaces do not have a high installation cost.


Does not use gases or fossil fuels. This is a benefit that many home owners consider because there is no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning and they help with going green.


Energy efficiency. For smaller spaces, electric furnaces offer great efficiency. They do not lose fuel or heat as it is produced, allowing them to have higher efficiency ratings.


Long lifespan. Electric furnaces can last up to 30 years when properly maintained.


Ask the knowledgeable staff at Mountaineer Mechanical about the many benefits of electric furnaces. If you do not think an electric furnace is right for you, we also install gas furnaces in WV and OH.

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Furnaces in Parkersburg and Athens

Mountaineer Mechanical in Parkersburg, WV, and Athens, OH, installs electric furnaces for home and businesses throughout the area. Furnaces are crucial to the HVAC system, as they keep your space warm as temperatures plummet. Without proper heating, pipes can freeze, furniture can split, and there are many health issues that can stem from being too cold. Finding the right furnace will keep your home or business warm, allowing your family or employees to stay safe and comfortable all through the winter.

Contact us today in Parkersburg, WV, and Athens, OH, for more information and to schedule electric furnace installation.

electric furnace installation parkersburg wv
electric furnace installation parkersburg wv