Ductless Air Conditioning
in Athens, OH and Parkersburg, WV

Mountaineer Mechanical Installs
Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

For ductless air conditioning in Athens, OH, Parkersburg, WV, and surrounding areas, contact Mountaineer Mechanical. Ductless air conditioning systems are great for homes and businesses without existing ductwork. While it is true air duct installation can cause your HVAC budget to stretch, there are ductless cooling options available. Installing ductless air conditioning can enhance a current cooling system without adding ducts to the home or business.

Ductless air conditioning systems are also great ways to keep specific areas of your home or business cool. Because they do not need ducts, our technicians can install them anywhere, from living rooms or kitchens to dens and bedrooms. This way you can turn down the air conditioning system and saving on extensive cooling costs. Give us a call at (800) 905-4172 for more information on ductless air conditioning installation.

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Ductless Air Conditioning
Repair in Athens, OH

If your current ductless air conditioning system is not working properly, call on Mountaineer Mechanical in Athens, OH, and Parkersburg, WV. A few signs that your ductless air conditioner needs repair can include:

Loud, strange noises
Not turning on or off
Not providing cool air
Ice on the outdoor unit

We can provide prompt, professional repairs to your ductless air conditioning unit to make sure it is working properly. From coolant issues to leaks, our experienced staff will have your equipment back up and running in no time. We are available 24/7 for emergencies.

air conditioning parkersburg wv

Contact Mountaineer Mechanical for
Ductless System Maintenance

Mountaineer Mechanical offers ductless system maintenance to keep those costly repairs away. Our technicians can properly clean the system and check over each part to make sure everything is working properly. It is best to trust the professionals for ductless system maintenance, as they are very intricate pieces of HVAC equipment. In Athens, OH, Parkersburg, WV, and surrounding areas, contact us today for maintenance on ductless air conditioning.